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Teeth Whitening

TEETH WHITENING: Its need and treatments

Are your teeth losing their white shimmer? If yes, then, it’s prime time that you give careful consideration towards teeth brightening! It will bring back your spotless white smile and give you the passion for smiling all the more confidently, without concealing your shining teeth under your hand.

 The Need of Teeth Whitening

The staining or discoloration of the teeth isn’t a consequence of ignorance or oral cleanliness. Instead, it is a characteristic impact of time. The external crown of your teeth comprises two layers. One is the mineral white finish layer called enamel and second is the yellowish and less-mineralized layer known as dentin. With time enamel begins wearing, clearing a path for the dentin to uncover itself.

Pick the one- In-seat session or at home procedure

Any experienced dental specialist center is probably going to offer you every one of the teeth whitening systems explained below. Both are reasonable and have excellent outcomes! Give them a reading to decide one for you.

In-seat session:  If you pick to get teeth whitening treatment in the dental specialists’ chamber, your dental practitioner will utilize concentrated peroxide on the teeth. He will use a stable light source to activate it. This method is generally called the Zoom system where you can see the outcome in a couple of hours. For safety, the dental practitioner will intentionally cover your gums and lips with some barrier coverings. It hinders any chances of the peroxide reaction with your skin.

After the treatment, this shining whiteness will last around 6 to 8 months. You may expect to experience another session after that.

At home procedure-Sometimes patients complaint about teeth sensitivity after the clinical brightening session. That is why; most of the patients pick the custom plate process that one can have at home only. In this procedure, your dentist fits a specially designed plate to your teeth. You have to wear this plate for a couple of weeks. The teeth respond gently with the brightening gel. The results will take the time of 2 to 3 weeks. This method has a long-lasting effect on teeth. Patients don’t complain about sensitivity also.

How does it Work?

Two whitening agents work behind this method- hydrogen peroxide. The brightening process activates the peroxide. Then, the oxygen particles enter the cracks of enamel and expel the stain colors. Nowadays, in-seat sessions at the dental practitioners’ center permit speedier arrival of oxygen in enamel cracks. Whereas, custom plate home session shows results after 2 to 3 weeks.

Never disturb after seeing your once-white smile yellowing after time. Contact the best dental practitioners who can offer great teeth brightening services to you and bring back your glittering smile again. KEEP SMILING!


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